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Hi! I'm Magda...

I help founders make resilient companies that stand the test of time

Ensuring your company has unshakable foundations doesn’t only require a lawyer’s involvement in contracting procedure but also in the company’s processes and policies.
I bring holistic and customer-centric care to my law practice, allowing me to tailor solutions that help your company face any challenge so you can sleep soundly at night…


Understanding how your company operates and the challenges you face is foundational for our work together.

We combine that with our insight into how different companies are doing business across industries to bring a unique and fresh perspective.


What your business needs now will differ from what you’ll need in the future.

Bringing a partner that understands and is able to adjust recommendations is the difference between well-adopted procedures benefiting the company and a useless document lost in a dusty hard drive.


Effective, accessible communication is essential for our common understanding.

You can always expect that all legal complexities will be explained the way you’ll easily understand and feel confident to make the right decision.


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We value professional behavior in cooperation. Magda always comes up with a solution that is practical and useful for us. We appreciate a pleasant and friendly approach when dealing with not always pleasant matters...

Pavel Rejman

General Manager


Magda and her law firm provided us with professional legal services, where the outputs of their work were always precisely and quickly processed with an orientation to our practical needs. We highly recommend the services of this office

Jana Slepánková

EMEA Office & Brand Manager

MPS Přelouč

With Magda and her law firm, our company has acquired a reliable and highly professional partner, thanks to which we very little concern about all the legalities, so we can fully devote ourselves to our core activities without worrying about legislative or commercial missteps.

Zdeněk Sobotka

General Manager